shutterstock_167690195Applied kinesiology is a biomechanic that studies the movement of the body. This is also known as muscle strength testing and will help to diagnose and treat your body based on various muscles being linked to particular organs and glands. Some people may have specific muscle weakness due to internal issues such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances, or organ and gland problems.

Dr. Madsen will correct your muscle weaknesses and help heal any issues that you have associated with your internal organs. When you visit us you will be surrounded by a caring staff that wants to see you at optimal health. We will always be happy to answer any questions along the way.

When you first visit us, we ask that you answer a detailed medical history which will help us to better assist you. We will then begin testing to check your blood pressure from various positions, indicating imbalances in your body.

We will also observe your posture as well as your range of motion. Following these tests, we may also press on trigger points to determine any imbalances that may be leading to muscle weakness.

We always want your body to be as balanced as possible and that is why applied kinesiology is so important.

If you ever have any questions applied kinesiology and KST or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (828) 349-9249.